Word of the Day Challenge: Conundrum (@Tea with Ellie | https://elliesiansvisions.wordpress.com/)

“Well this a conundrum,” Elliot breathed as she watched the chaos immerse around her. Her two brothers fought like wolves challenging on another for the status of alpha in the pack; her mother yelled into the phone profanities as the cake inside the oven was bubbling and the smoke alarm began to ring from the smoke that rose is dark, pluming clouds from a boiling pot of coffee on one of the burners; and when she turned around, her five best friends were standing outside of the door, peering in while ringing the doorbell continuously and knocking obnoxiously loud on the door. “Where did I go wrong?” Ellie griped, running her hands down her face in pure embarrassing agony.
(This was all I could get done)

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