Two Liebster Awards… Am I really that good?

Good lord, look at me and my little conceited self… So I bet a lot of people are going to skip this one on their feed because I’m a narcissistic little butt, but that’s their loss! This post (as you can see from reading the title), is about how two fabulous bloggers nominated me for the same award, and how grateful I am!

First: I know how each week I keep, “Hey guys, I’m going to start my routine now!; and then I never do. But I have a really good excuse (ah, sixth grade all over again…) So I can’t say exactly what’s been happening, but basically I remembered something very vividly on March 1st at like 10:30 at night and it’s something from my past that I’ve been trying to push out of my head for a really long time and just forget. But on the night of March 1st, the good lord knows that I wasn’t going to be getting on closure from this topic any time soon. That and I have absolutely no inspiration on Monday’s (except for today… ha-ha).

Second: Let’s talk about this kick-butt all around awesome award that I’ve been nominated for… apparently twice (Secondly done so by: Jet Weasley Book Reviews)! Here it is simply, quoted from the first person who nominated me for this (Love The Smell Of Books): “The Liebster award is an award from bloggers for bloggers, who they believe deserve recognition kind of like a chain letter that you don’t mind receiving.”

Third: AWARD TIME (my favorite part, to be perfectly honest).

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog!
  2. Give your readers 11 random facts about yourself. (optional)
  3. Answer the 11 (or 10) questions from the blog who nominated you.
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers to receive this award.
  5. Come up with 11 (or 10) questions for your nominees!

The Stuff (I don’t even know anymore):

  • 11 Facts About Me:
  1. I have more than 40 books on my TBR list… yeah.
  2. I have a glass bottle collection that’s pretty cool. Some bottles (most) are just the new ones that hipsters like to buy at gas stations but some are actually really old and cool.
  3. I wear glasses! And they’re actually the stereotypical, black, thick framed “nerd glasses”; but I’m planning on getting some cat eye ones next time I get my eyes examined. Hopefully I’ll look good with those… if I can get them.
  4. I am usually hungry and am very rarely “full” or satisfied with my meal. I am always snacking and always (97% of the time) eat all of my meal; even my greens!
  5. Along with always being hunrgy, I have really weird fruit and vegetable fetishes. Like I am obsessed with anything that have potatoes in them and I absolutely am in love with strawberries and apples. Bananas too… bananas are cool.
  6. More to add to my abnormally  weird fetishes (yes, there are more), I am in love with owls, keys, mustaches, shapeshifting, magic, the smell of books (especially old ones) and— you should’ve known this was coming— TIME TRAVEL. You can thank Doctr Who for that, ladies and gents.
  8. Big Hero 6, Brave, Tangled, Lilo and Stitch, The Princess and The Frog, and The Lion King are some of my favourite Disney animated movies. Lion King will always be what’s best at heart because it was my special childhood movie. I never really liked the princesses, to be honest.
  9. Once when I was like six, I stripped down to my birthday suit at my aunts house and covered my self in a suit of peanut butter and ran her house scare among in laughter while she chased met tow the bathroom- true story by the way.
  10. I am in a triangle love triangle with Starbucks coffee (all of it basically) green tea. PLEASE DON’T EVER MAKE ME CHOOSE!!!
  11. Right now in my life, I am having a mid-life crisis (not really, but random fact #23 about me is that I am also a drama queen) right now because I can not figure about how to organize my bookcase. I have three shelves and over 50 books (I lost count after like 53 and for some reason started counting in 20s… please don’t ask) and just UGH. It is so frustrating. *sigh* 

Onto answering questions, I suppose.

First Set of Questions ():

  • Why did you start blogging?

I found this website actually on a family vacation to Virginia as I had been searching for ‘free blogging websites.’ And it’s free and I found to be super-duper easy. Woo-hoo!

  • Which genre books do you like the most?

Wow, this is a toughie. Am I able to just say the majority of all young-adult novels? Well actually, that’d be lying even if I couldn’t say that. Because I like to read younger age level  novels too and I love elementary school fantasy… SO I SHALL JUST SAY EVERY GENRE EXCEPT CHEESY ROMANCE NOVELS THAT YOU BUY FOR LIKE A BUCK AT THE DOLLAR STORE.

  • Do you have a favorite author?

Easy; I do not have one though, I have multiple so deal with it: J. K. Rowling, John Green, Suzanne Collins, Marcus Zusak, Jane Austen, James Dashner, Karen Harrington, Lewis Carroll, and C. S. Lewis.

  • What’s your favorite Childhood book?

I would have to say any of the Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osborne. I found that Jack was really cool with his glasses and his loves to right done facts (I owned the little facts books too and the spin-off series with Camelot and those selkie kids) and Annie was just kick-butt with her spunk and courage. Whenever I hear those words too, I just automatically start to get this warmth inside of me. And I mean, time traveling tee house with magic? You just have to admit that’s pretty sick.

  • Did you liked reading the first time you saw a book or did it just came by years?

Let’s just put it simple: I had a bookshelf as a child. When I was able to grab the books, I was forever since been unable to be separated from any bound book that comes into my possession unless forced.

  • Cup of tea or a cup of coffee while reading a book?

I’ve started drinking green tea more often, but really I’ve only ever drank coffee or soda (and sometimes my iced water when I feel like it) whenever I read. Coffee though always does that weird backwards thing with me and I get tired at first and then I crash and when I wake up, yeah then I’m wide awake and can’t sleep for fifteen hours. But that sure doesn’t stop me!

  • Paperback, Hardcover or E-Book?

Paperback or Hardcover. I buy and own more paperbacks because they’re cheaper, but if I can somehow get my hands on a hardcover and it be affordable, then that suckers in my shopping cart.

  • Do you have prejudices when I say the word E-book? Yes? Tell me please.

I don’t know if this counts as ‘prejudice’, but I just don’t like E-books because they give me headaches and I can never concentrate and this is the only time I can’t read in a car because of motion sickness. I am just not an E-book person, and I find this an annoying part of society that is being taken over by technology. Please leave my babies alone!

  • What do you like about blogging?

Even though I don’t do it as often as I’d like, it’s a de-stresser and I feel like my opinion can be finally heard and understood hear. And words just sound better coming from my hands than my lips, so why not.

  • Do you prefer short-storybooks or long-storybooks?

I like my books like I like my food: Thick, filling, and make me feel all warmth in the tummy jar at the end of the day.

Second Set of Questions ():

  • What would your patronus be?

I would like to think it’d be a phoenix, because I’d  to think an ever changing and lovely person who will always to you aid in the most unlikely of times.

  • Who is your favourite Greek God?

God? So I’ll just take that as judging only the males and I’d have to say either Hades or Apollo. Almost entirely different personalities and polar opposites, but I just adore them both.

  • If you could write a story like Harry Potter, what would you name your main character? eg. Isla Inkwell and the Astronomer’s Stone.

Arabella Inkheart and the Dark Side of the Moon.

  • What is your favourite genre to read?


  • Which would you rather be: Shadowhunter, Wizard at Hogwarts, Gallagher Girl, Alien from Lorien, Divergent in Dauntless, Tribute of the Hunger Games, Agent of Spectrum, Consulting Detective, Doctor’s Companion, or a Targaryen?

Letters of the alphabet! Why must you hurt me in this way???? Ergh, I guess I’d have to say a Witch at Hogwarts. Just because Harry Potter is like, the fandom. At least to me.

  • What book got you hooked on reading?

Either Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park and The Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne. Both are children’s series that are suuuper long and yet have such short books. They never got old to me though, I held onto them as long as I could. 

  • What inspired your blog name?

Okay, honesty time! Here’s how The Time Traveling Writer came to be The Time Traveling Writer: Once upon a time, I had a Quotev account and I was checking out some of my followers accounts and low and behold, there was one called The Time Traveling Writer and I thought that was so cool and ever since I’ve been waiting to fin a webste to use that name at and then I stumbled upon WordPress and here we are today. The End.

  • What element would you like to manipulate/bend; water, fire, earth, air, metal, or spirit?

FIRE. Oh my G-O-S-H I have been  dying to be asked this because I have a pyromaniac like obsession with fire and to be able to control and bend it.  There would no limitation to my power.

  • What is your favourite read of this year?

So far this year, I mean I’ve only read books for school. And with that, I guess I’d have to say The Devil’s Arithmetic by Jane Yolen. It’s a historical novel set in the Holocaust about a girl named Hannah who in a way goes back in time and has to live the life of… Ha, you thought I’d actually tell you. Spoilers 😉

  • Who is your favourite character of all time?

Female: The ever intelligent and witty Hermione Granger (The Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling) or the fabulously mysterious and unpredictable Margo Roth Spiegelman (Paper Towns by John Green).

Male: The not-so-surprisingly dorky and shy, yet also unfathomably brave Neville Longbottom (The Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling) or the undeniably strong and philosophical Augustus Waters (The Fault In Our Stars by John Green)

  • If you could date one fictional character, who would it be… and why?

Okay, so after having a fifteen minute discussion of who this should be, me and my friend decided that it would have to Neville Longbottom. First, she shipped me with James Carstairs because he could somehow magically deal with my temper and overdramatic theatrics and how he was just a plain sweetheart, even though I admitted my attractions towards William Herondale. William was a no because of how he has a shorter temper than me and how he has almost zero tolerance for theatrics. (I didn’t pick James though because I’ve barely even started Clockwork Angel and I would feel guilty). SO then we went through her bookshelf of series that I knew and we ended up falling back to Neville. Always him.

Reasons why:

  1. Childhood Crush. Enough said.

So I’ve been working on this for a week so (I know right)., It’s probably way too long and I’m way too lazy to nominate people, so if you enjoyed this, then either answer these questions (either set) in the comments below, or make a post of your own and send me the link.

Thanks for reading.

Best of luck,

The Time Traveling Writer.

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