The Creative Blogger Award

Hey everybody! It’s me again with another blogging award. So the Creative Blogger Award… I don’t really know what it’s for or who started it or anything, but I was nominated by Tea With Ellie and apparent I must give five facts about myself and then nominate some other bloggers… uh, I guess I nominate:

Write Me A Book, John! This man is hilarious with his dry and sarcastic sense of humour and I love his grammar tip things (I first what they’re called; classic me) and just go follow him. 

And also The Writing Hufflepuff! I love this girls blog and just everything about it! She’s right now doing a Book Awards thing which everyone should go check out (just click on her link) and she makes so pretty awesome and fandomly related blog posts. 

Whee!! So that was easy. Now onto the facts:

  1. I’m huge overpacker. Right now, I’m on a trip that’s going to be lasting two more days (the length of the trip is four days in total) and I’ve packed for about a week. Maybe even two, if we had a washer machine and dryer.   
  2. I love the cold weather!! Not only do I strive to be a very cozy and warm person what with all my blankets and pillows and jackets and sweaters, but I also just can’t stand the heat! Now this is coming for the girl who’s lived in Satan’s Armpit all her life and used to love the summer- these days though? I hate it. I don’t mind the Spring as much because of how it’s still chily or breezy at times and a little sun never hurt anyone.   
  3. I’m trying to convince everyone I’m a Daylighter; that, yes in fact I am a vampire but the sun doesn’t bother me.   
  4. My favourite Disney animal sidekick would have to be Stitch from Lilo and Stitch- I mean have you seen the little guy? Absolutely adorable!!  
  5. And finally, I have really bad social anxiety. And I have it since I was a wee younging.   

Okay so that fun. 

Thanks for reading. 

Best of luck,

The Time Traveling Writer.    

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