How to Date a Fangirl Pt. 1

This is a lovely little how-to guide for the male species on how to attract one of my kind, but it is quirky and silly to read it as well, so here is to anyone who (for some odd and unexplainable reason) is not following Verbosity Book Reviews. Enjoy:

Verbosity Book Reviews

How to Date a Fangirl

Ever wished you could have a charming fangirl to be your partner throughout your life? Well, look no further as this little tutorial tells you the best ways to find fangirls and sweep them off their feet in true fairy-tale happily ever after style.

Finding Fangirl:

Outside of the fancy online communities like Pinterest and Tumblr, it can be hard to tell who is a fangirl and who is not. After all, do any of us really know what ASDFGHJKL sounds like in real life?

jon stewart fangirling gif

1.) Dress appropriately

There are only two ways one can dress to attract a fangirl. Option #1 is looking like a nerd. After all, smart and nerdy is the new sexy. Put on your favorite fandom shirt and make yourself look really smart and potentially successful. After all, someone is going to have to pay for the cable and all the books.

nerdy guys meme

Option #2 takes…

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