How to Date a Fangirl Pt. 2

And here is the second part to this lovely little two-part how-to guide. Have fun, loves!

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How to Date a Fangirl

Hello everyone and welcome back to Fangirl Week! Because of the great reception to our last post, I decided to continue on into part two immediately.

In part one we discussed how to be attractive to fangirls, know where they hang out, and discover which girls are fangirls and which ones. . .aren’t. If you haven’t yet read it, you can find part one here.

Are we ready to continue? Alright.

Wooing the fangirl

So you’ve found yourself a fangirl and perhaps you’ve started talking. But how do you go about keeping yourself out of the friend-zone? Have no fear! There are plenty of little things that you can be doing to woo your girl.

1.) Learn her favorite fandoms

Just because she’s a fangirl doesn’t mean she likes every movie, show, book, band, etc. out there. She, like most people, will have particular tastes whether they are SuperWhoLockian…

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