Long time, no blog!

Hello everyone! Yes yes, I know, I know; it has been two months since I last blogged. *gasp* I know, I am ashamed. Anyway, I have to make this quick because it is super late and I can barely think (I’m writing another new story (the like, fifth new idea this month)). But I realized a couple things while I went on hiatus:

  1. I have roughly over a hundred followers and I thank you all for that!
  2. I have not been a good blogger to my followers lately.
  3. And finally, my books reviews suck crap. :-/

Like seriously guys, why did you guys let me write those things and not delete them? They sucked total chicken feet! So I’ve been wondering, since I now know how to write better reviews (I’m taking English 1 and have reevaluated pretty much everything I’ve written and realized it sucked crap), should I just delete this blog and make a new one (don’t worry, I’d used the same name and url, just start completely anew)? Should I just delete all the old posts I don’t like and keep using this one? Should I just keeping using this one for old times sake and keep moving forward, as Louis Roberson said once in a Disney movie? Please tell me in the comments below!!! And no matter what, I will make sure I am still following all of those who I am already following!!

Home is where your books are

**:.:.The Time Traveling Writer:.:.**

P.S. to everyone who has nominated me for awards, tags, and things of that nature: I promise I will do them, whether it is on this blog or the new one! Toodles! xoxo


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