Okay… Looks like I had to make this decision for myself.

Hello everyone! I think this is the fastest update I’ve ever done, which is painstakingly sad. Sorry!

Alright, as I’m guessing you read the title of this post, I’ve made the decision to wipe my blog all on my own. I really wanted your guys’ feedback, but nobody really commented and I got antsy so I made this decision all on my own.

I would say by Halloween (October 31st) that this blog will be wiped. I’m not going to delete the blog itself, just all my posts. This blog has been too many things and I just don’t really like it that much anymore. I need to work on my book reviews and that is my new goal for this blog. I will do monthly favorites and books reviews, book hauls and where I’m standing in the world of writing, and, of course, blogging awards and book tags.

I’m really sorry for this and part of me really doesn’t want to do this, but another part of me tells me this really is for the best. What do you guys think?

Home is where your books are,

The Time Traveling Writer.


10 thoughts on “Okay… Looks like I had to make this decision for myself.

  1. I missed your post in which you asked for feedback, but you don’t need to wipe your entire blog! You can work on your goals without deleting old posts. Besides you might end up regretting deleting them! I have some old posts I’m not exactly proud of, but I like rereading them 🙂

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