I’m back! (well, for now)

Hello everybody! Long time and absolutely no see! If you’ve for some reason had the patience to stick around with this on-and-off again blog, then you should know the last time I posted was Christmas Eve and it was just a really weird rant about time travel. (I honestly don’t know what was going on with me that night… so don’t ask.)

But I did decide to post today for a very important reason: this blog is dragging me. And it’s not the blogging part, but the fact that this whole “Time Traveling Writer” blog has been a major and colossal fail for me. I mean, sure it’s been fun and I’ve absolutely loved doing the tags and chatting with you guys, but thinking about this blog and how many times I’ve avoided posting because of how big of a failure I feel… I just can’t do it anymore.

But fear not, my favorite little hermits, for I do not believe in quitting entirely! See, my main problem is just this blog… not the idea of a new one. So I know one of you little sarcastic and very realistic and cynical people (really I’m just talking about my inner thoughts) are probably like, But Koral, how do you know you won’t just keep forgetting about a new blog if you choose to do that? Well here’s my answer for you people and negative inner thoughts:

twenty one pilots logo- blurryface:

This right here is why when I make a new blog, I’m not forgetting it.

What? Three lines in a circle? I don’t get it….

Well, have you been listening to the radio lately? Have you heard this funny little tune about candles and tree houses and student loans and being stressed? Because that song is called Stressed Out by twenty one pilots (aka my #2 favorite band).

This band has helped me with a lot… from feeling like I’m alive again to making me feel so, so, so lovely (a reference to another one of their songs, for those who didn’t know that). And what with their logo, well I found this little quote from the leader singer (Tyler Joseph) and here’s what he said:

Meaning of Twenty-One Pilots logo. There are no words for this.:

First off, Kitchen Sink is one of my favorite songs of theirs- wait, no, scratch that. It is my favorite song of theirs. It’s helped me realize what part of my purpose is, what I’m here to do, and what power I have as a human being.

And I want to create something. Something that is completely mine and I know he meaning behind, something I will work on and take care of and will help me when I can’t talk about what I need help with. So how will I remember? Oh, it’s to forget something when you created it and know its meaning. So I won’t forget, and if I do, then that’s when it won’t be mine anymore.

Don’t worry, this isn’t my last post. I’ll post the new link to the new blog when it happens.

Home is where your meaning is



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